Poison Ivy, Oak, And Sumac: Products To Treat And Relieve Pain/Itching

Well as some of you may know, I took a tumble in some wet gravels the other day doing some yard work and scraped my foot and leg up pretty bad. To make matters worse, I developed quite a bad case of poison oak on top of it.

The yellow hole on my foot is from my fall, the red/scabby areas are poison oak.  This has been absolutely HORRIBLE.  I have poison oak everywhere. Yes, EVERYWHERE.  My hands, arms, feet, legs, face, scalp, etc. I have tried everything imaginable (in the past) that you hear of to do ( Clorox, Calamine Lotion, shoe polish, nail polish etc) and none of those things have really helped.  A couple of days ago I found a couple of products that really seem to be helping so I thought I would share them with you in case you are suffering like I am.  Keep in mind, while I am a nurse, I am not a doctor.  I don't diagnose and treat, I only follow doctors orders.  Seeing as how I did not go and see a doctor for this (if it had gotten any worse I probably would have), this is simply what I am doing to treat it.

Tecnu Extreme Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub and Rash Relief Spray. These two products kill the poison in the poison ivy/oak/sumac oils and they have healing and anti-itch properties as well. They have really helped alleviate some of my misery. In between I spray Benedryl Anti-Itch Cooling Spray. This had made my world a lot more bearable.  I got everything at Walmart for less than $15/each. 

As far as oral medication the only thing I am taking are antihistamines. I take a generic Zyrtec of the day and a generic Benedryl at night (as it makes me SO sleepy).

In terms of skincare/bodycare, I have tried to keep everything as gentle and mild as possible.  In the shower I have only used plain, white Dove soap or Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser,  I've not put any scented lotions or oils or perfumes on.  I have aimed to keep everything just clean and dry.  For a moisturizer I have only used this oatmeal one by Aveeno that is aimed to treat Eczema.

Additional hints/tips:  I usually reuse my bath towel for a couple of days before I wash it, not this time.  I want everything that touches my skin to be clean and absolutely as germ-free as I can get it.  I haven't reworn ANY articles of clothing that haven't been freshly laundered, and I have washed my sheets on my bed a couple of extra times this week.  I hate to to think of anything being nasty and touching my intact skin, and then it causing some type of infection.  Where I have the wound on my foot from falling too, I have tried to keep it elevated as much as possible.  The further away an area is from your heart the slower it is to heal (like your foot), so I try to take extra care with it where I can.  Clean and dry, that's the name of the game.

Alright guys, good luck and let me know what you guys use if you suffer from this ailment as well. OMGsh, it cannot heal fast enough. 
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Favorite Nars Palettes

So as I have mentioned in several blog posts before, Nars is my favorite high-end makeup brand.  I have lots of products in the line, and today I thought I would share with you my top 3 palettes from them.  Note, these were limited edition but you can still find them on eBay and Amazon.  Granted you might have to mortgage your house to afford them, but they are still available if you search hard enough.

1.  Nars Makeup Your Mind:  Express Yourself Eyes
2.  Nars Holiday Eye Shadow Palette 2008 #9947
3.  Nars Joie de Vivre #9977 All About Cheeks Palette

Before I discuss why these 3 palettes are my favorites, I must first talk about my all-time favorite products from Nars.  These palettes are my favorites because they each contain numerous favorites of mine.

Nars Kilimanjaro Duo is my favorite inner corner highlight shade of all time.  Especially the first shade in the palette, as you can see I've put quite the dent in it.

Nars Abyssinia is the perfect nudey-pink, shimmery, all over lid color.  I've hit pan, so you know it has to be pretty great!

Gaiety blush, my HG blush for sure.  The perfect pink to brighten up your cheeks for that healthy glow.  Nars knocked it out of the ballpark with this one.

Now, on to the palettes and what makes them so great.  This cheek palette by Nars was a Nordstrom exclusive, and is BY FAR the best cheek palette Nars has ever released.  It has all the standouts in it:  Albatross highlighter, Laguna bronzer, Orgasm, Angelika, Gaiety and Luster blushes.  Nars releases wonderful cheek palettes every year, but this one had the best shades EVER, in my opinion.  You can still find this on eBay, but it is the most $$$ cheek palette on there.

I was SO excited when I found this palette with the Kilimanjaro #1 shade!  This palette also has neutrals, shimmery lid colors, and bright shades for that perfect splash of color.  LOVE.

Perfection in a palette.  Abyssinia and Galapagos in one palette????  Not to mention the beautiful peacock blue from the Brumes duo (which also happens to be one of my favorites).  By far one of the best eyeshadow palettes in history.  The perfect shades for a pop of color:  purple, green, and blue.  The perfect eyelid color, a gorgeous shimmer and the perfect golden brown.  Pack this on your next trip and your possibilities are endless.  Could not love this more.

Alright guys, that's about it.  Hope you enjoyed this and maybe this gave you a couple of ideas for a Nars palette you are considering investing in.  Just because products are LE or no longer made does not mean you can't find them!  Keep an eye out and keep searching, eventually you will stumble upon what you want.  Thanks for stopping by!  Ciao!

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Labeling Dupes

Hey guys!  As you may know I am totally into watching dupe videos and reading blogs on dupes, etc.  I have numerous lists in my journals and notes jotted down here and there. Even if I don't have both products to compare, I like to have an idea of what products are similar to give me whatever look it is I'm aiming for.  A lot of people ask me if I know dupes right off the top of my head and the answer is, not so much. I know one here and there, and I know if I have a dupe for certain high end products, I just don't always remember what it is. So, I thought I would share with you how I label my dupes.  No, not all of my dupes are labeled, but lots of them are.

A sample of how my lipsticks and blushes are labeled. I just write on a post it in really small writing what the dupe is, cut it out and tape it on. I never cover up what the product's actual name or shade is.  

All of my WNW 8 pan palette dupes are labeled with a sharpie. I wrote the names over the corresponding shade and then ran a swipe of Seche Vite nail polish top coat over top so it wouldn't rub off, lol. 

Various labeling. We could go on for days, people. Usually all my dupes are labeled with a tiny piece of paper taped on the back of the product. 

Hope this gives you some ideas on labeling your dupes!  I highly recommend putting it right on your product, as it gets very hard to remember. And, if you just keep it scribbled in a notebook, you don't want to have to keep going back and looking it up. It takes a little time to do them all, but it really helps.  Have a great week, peeps!
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50 Random Facts/Get To Know Me

1. I am named after Erica Kane on All My Children.
2. My favorite color is white.
3. I don't have children but I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and personally consider myself the mother of  five. 
4. My lucky # is 7 (the day of my birth).
5. I was born on Pearl Harbor Day, the date which will live in infamy.
6. I adore Springsteen.
7. ...and Eric Church.
8. I am a hopeless romantic.
9. I love the rain. (Even more than sunshine).
10. I type with my toes. Not literally like on a keyboard, but to myself. I imagine my feet on a keyboard and type out my words. Shift key to capitalize and all. I do this even more so if I am nervous.
11. I have a beauty-product addiction (makeup, hair products, skin products, nail polish, etc).
12. I was born early and my fingernails were not fully formed.
13. I had an absentee father.
14. I am from a very small town in southeastern Kentucky. Born and bred to bleed blue, I will forever be a proud hillbilly.
15. My first word was 'pop.' I loved it, my mom even put it in my bottle.
16. My iPhone is my lifeline. I do everything on it and cannot live without it.
17. I had skin cancer at the age of 26.
18. I am also named after my grandmother, my 3rd name is Kathleen.
19. I have 'Misophonia'. No joke. Certain sounds send me off the deep end (smacking when eating, incessant sniffling or clearing of one's throat, shuffling of feet).
20. I don't enjoy a lot of cartoons but Pepé Le Pew and Donald Duck never get old.
21. When I was little I wanted John Mellencamp to be my husband and Mic Jagger to be my daddy.
22. I am an aunt to the greatest little boy and little girl in the world.
23. I love to travel.
24. I am obsessed with true crime tv (48 Hours, Dateline, 20/20).
25. I think Diane Lane is a timeless beauty.
26. Cremecup and Hue by MAC and Siren by Revlon are my signature lipsticks.
27. For Audrey by China Glaze is my signature nail color.
28. I love deeply, with my whole heart.
29. I love the smell of books. The first thing I do when I open one is crack it open and take a whiff.
30. I like to read magazines back to front.
31. I pray all day every day. I don't believe in only praying when you need something. All throughout my day I thank God for my blessings in life.
 32. I once worked 8 hours with a broke arm before I knew it was broke. I went and had it casted and went back to work and finished my 12 hour shift.
33. I fell at the Mountain Heritage Festival in my hometown and broke my foot. How redneck is that?
34. I love any and all things Parisian.
35. The furthest I have ever been away from home is probably Europe (France, Spain, Italy). Or Hawaii. I'm not sure which is furthest in miles from Kentucky???
36. I love meeting celebrities.
37. I am a nurse.
38. I despise the feel of a newspaper. I cannot read them because I hate to touch them. I also hate to touch cotton balls.
 39. I love the word 'wonky' lol. As in, 'she did a great job with her makeup but her eyeliner was a little wonky.'
40. ...and  'podunk'.
41. My favorite song of all-time is Leather and Lace by Don Henley and Stevie Nicks.
42. I'm not much for Twitter, I'm a FB girl all the way.
43. I wish I could play the flute.
44. I could watch YouTube videos all day. So much better than tv.
45. I love to cook and try new recipes.
46. My mama is my favorite person.
47. I love yard work and basically anything else that brings me instant gratification.
48. I like organization and for all my things to be very orderly.
49. I only drive European.  What can I say, they're my fave!
50. I am a very private person when it comes to serious or personal matters. I also believe in living simply, and that a peaceful life is a happy life.

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Estee Lauder Peach Nuance & Revlon Creamsicle Lip Butter

Hey guys!  Well, after a tumble outside on some wet gravels, I am laid up unable to walk. Warning...gross pictures to follow!

Ugh. So painful and unfortunate. Today was a beautiful day and I wanted nothing more than to be outside enjoying it. But, here I am with my leg propped up not moving. Oh well. It could always be worse.  Note:  the white stuff is an antibiotic cream with a pain reliever in it. 

Today I thought I would share with you a couple of discontinued items I am loving. I know you're probably like, why in the world would you talk about things that are no longer made????  Well, I just bought these items and they are readily available {still}.  

Estée Lauder Peach Nuance blush was so popular!  A dupe for MAC's Ripe Peach, it's a gorgeous ombré blush that can be hard to find. I found this refill on All Cosmetics Wholesale for $8.99.  

It comes in a plastic clamshell, I took it out and put it in my mini Z Palette.  It has items I use every time I put on makeup.  (MAC Emphasize, MAC Shroom, Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma).  

Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle. Ooh, so pretty!  A gorgeous light, glowy shade. I can't believe they discontinued this. I found it on Amazon for $4, free shipping. 

Just because it's discontinued doesn't mean you can't find it anymore!  If there's an item you've really been wanting and it's no longer made, keep searching for it and chances are you will eventually stumble upon it.  Thanks guys!  xoxo
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Springsteen : Lyrics With Meaning

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Lazy Day

Hi guys!  What started out as a very productive day quickly turned into a 'sit on the couch and prop my leg kind of day.'  I absolutely LOVE yard work, and I slid on some wet gravels and got kinda scuffed up. So, I had to put everything away and come inside, clean my wounds, and get bandaged up.   Now I'm sitting here with the windows open and a gentle spring breeze blowing, listening to a little Springsteen. I'm still on my Bruce high I guess.  Just wanted to say hey and hope you guys have a great weekend!

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