Fam{ily} Time!

It seems here lately we only gather for sad occasions, and as much as I hate that, it's always such a blessing to spend time with those that are the nearest and dearest to my heart.  God knew what he was doing when He blessed me with these people for my family.  They've stuck by me and loved me and have gotten me through my darkest times.

The closest thing I ever had to a sister <3

What a beautiful young lady she is turning into!

Now that's what I'm talking about, a t-shirt and stretchy pants!  Heels and skirts are for the birds, lol.  Feeling so blessed tonight to have such incredible people in my world.  Hope each and every one of you also know that feeling, because there is nothing like it in the world!  xoxoxo -
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NOTD: Zoya Dot & Formula X Love Chemistry

Hey guys!  A totally different nail look today from what I normally wear.  Here I am wearing a creamy baby pink polish with a metallic glitter on top.  Turned out super pretty and luxe looking!

Every single time I wear glitter I remember why I'm such a fan of cream polishes - you basically need a jackhammer to remove them, lol!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend everybody!
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LOTD: Easy Natural Makeup And A Bun!

Hey guys!!!  Quick outfit and look of the day.  We decided totally spur of the moment to run and watch a movie and grab a bite to eat.  I got ready in 15 minutes, lol.  Check out below to see how I threw my look together!

OOTD:  Shirt and capris both from Wal-Mart, scarf was a gift from my aunt, Sam Edelman Gigi sandals.

The pink lacy scarf is super-duper light and is the most perfect one EVER for summer.

MOTD:  MUFE HD foundation, MUFE HD setting powder, Nars Angelika blush, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, Bare Minerals Top Shelf eyeshadow, Anastasia Brow Wiz, Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara, Nars Honolulu Honey lipstick.

No time for OOTD photos, so I just did an impromptu car-selfie session!  Hehe.
What else is there to do in the car for an hour??

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Summer Must Haves Tag!

Hey guys!  Today I am doing the 'Summer Must Haves' tag from a beautiful Destin, Florida!  I don't think I could have picked a more-fitting place to do this tag than this tropical locale!  Here's a list of my beauty must-haves for the hot/humid months. These are in no particular order!

1.  Hair Oils

I have a barrage of oils at my house, as they are right up at the top of my list for most beauty-related things.  I have naturally curly, unruly, dry hair and I love to put some oil in freshly washed hair and let it dry naturally. 

2.  Skin Oils

Same as with my hair, I have grown to LOVE oils for my skin as well. Argan, coconut, maracuja, anything. They all are so moisturizing and make your skin feel so soft. 

3.  Whitening Lightening

These gorgeous lip glosses are so opaque they're the only thing you need to finish off any makeup look.  LOVE these. 

4.  It Cosmetics CC+

Your foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen all in one - the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream is the perfect face product for summer. 

5.  Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray with Argan Oil

As I mentioned above, I have wild/unruly hair, so I love using oils and styling products to make my hair look a little more 'done.'  I love sea salt sprays, but as you know, they can be a little drying on your tresses. This one by Healthy Sexy Hair has Argan oil in it, and it really doesn't feel like it's drying your hair out. 

6.  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

As many of you may know, I have a history if melanoma and can no longer sunbathe like I used to.  I still like to have somewhat of a tan, and for days I don't feel like self-tanning but still yet want some color, I just rub some of this on. I prefer the light shade, as it gives a hint of color and evens everything out.  Great for a quick fix on lazy days!

Alright guys, those are some of my favorite beauty products for summer!  Would love to know what your must-haves are this season. I can't believe Fall will soon be here!!! Can't wait!
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Top 5 Makeup Palettes Tag!

Hey guys!  I am (obviously) doing the Top 5 Makeup Palette tag today.  This was one of the easiest tags I've ever done, I knew the exact palettes I would choose for my faves.  These are in no particular order, because THAT would probably be too difficult.  So anyways, without further adieu...

Why I love it:  Beautiful, sleek packaging.  Gorgeous, great quality shades.  Perfect matte cream color for highlight, perfect matte mid tone brown for crease, great matte dark brown, great glittery lid shade, and 3 beautiful shimmery lid shades.  Just perfect if you are a neutral gal like myself.

2.  Nars Joie de Vivre
(still available on eBay for $150...eek!)

Why I love it:  As many of you already know, Nars is my favorite makeup brand ever.  I especially love their blushes and cheek colors, they're just the best in my opinion.  This particular palette was a Nordstrom exclusive, and it was simply the best one they EVER came out with, if you ask me.
Top Row:  Albatross highlight, Gaiety (my favorite blush shade by Nars), Luster.
Bottom Row:  Laguna bronzer, Orgasm, Angelika.
Ugh.  Perfection.

3.  Stila In the Light Palette, $39

Why I love it:  First of all, if you haven't tried them or you aren't aware, Stila eyeshadows rock.  Plain and simple.  I'm sure most have heard of their iconic 'Kitten' eyeshadow, which is, well, BEAUTIFUL to put it mildly.  This particular palette comes with 10 gorgeous shadows and 1 Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel (matte chocolate brown.)
Top Row:  Bare (matte ivory), Kitten (shimmering nude pink), Bliss (matte nude), Sunset (copper shimmer), and Sandstone (matte neutral brown.)
Bottom Row:  Champagne (pale gold shimmer), Gilded Gold (bronze with gold shimmer), Luster (deep gray with gold shimmer), Night Sky (slate blue with silver shimmer), and Ebony (matte black.)

4.  Tarte Off The Cuff Blush Palette
(still available on eBay for $150-$175...double eek!)

Why I love it:  Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes are some of my favorite blushes of life.  They are creamy and smooth and they last and on, and on, and on.  You get 4 blushes in this palette (Crave, Dazzled, Darling, and Dollface) and one bronzer (their infamous Park Avenue Princess.)  So many gorgeous shades to choose from, I love this SO much.

5.  Urban Decay Naked Palettes (yes, all of them) $54/each for I, II, and III.  $29 for Naked Basics.

Why I love them:  You probably already know, lol.  Gorgeoussssss eyeshadows and absolute perfection for the naked/neutral loving gal.  If you don't own any higher end eyeshadow palettes, this is the perfect place to start.  A must-have for any makeup lover to have in their collection.
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NOTD: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Hey guys!  Thought I'd do a quick NOTD before my polish wears off completely, lol. This photo was taken on day 4 of my manicure, but as you can see, it's holding up pretty well. Normal wear starting at the tips of my fingers, but other than that it still looks rather pretty.  This beautiful cobalt-blue shade is Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen.  I've used this same bottle for years, and I love it every single time I wear it.   Complete opacity in one coat, yes ONE, what else do I love about this polish?  It's super glossy, perfect finish!  To show you what I'm talking about, check out the pic below.  After I put my one coat of Pacific Blue, I started applying my Seche Vite top coat and realized I couldn't even tell a difference in the fingers with and the fingers without the top coat. That NEVER happens. Can you tell which fingers have the top coat applied?

Hard to tell, right?  My first and middle fingers have it, my ring and pinky fingers don't. So if you're looking for a great quality, cheap, bright & beautiful nail polish, I definitely recommend trying Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue!
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Super Easy Summer Makeup - YouTube Tutorial

Hey everybody!  I actually have a makeup tutorial on YouTube for you guys!!!  It's been forever and a day since I did a video, so be patient with me.  This was my first time EVER using iMovie on the iMac....so here's a warning....there's some sloppy editing.  But, I did my best!  The whole editing done was very minimal, just what I could whip together kind of quickly and learn.  I don't have an external mic on my computer (just the internal one that is on top of the monitor) so I didn't bother trying to do a voice over.  Maybe that will be something I attempt next time around.  I did add some notes here and there to let you know what I was using, if I missed anything let me know!  Shooting in frame while putting on your makeup is quite the task, but I think you can basically see what I'm doing.  Another little warning, my camera is crazy good and it shows every mole, every hint of rosacea, my chicken pox scars, zits, etc. that I have.  So, brace yourself, hehe.  Hope you enjoy watching.  This look is not very dramatic, so if you'd like to see something a little heavier (like a smokey eye) then just let me know.  Oh yeah, one last thing, I went to bed the night before with wet hair and didn't bother fixing it for the video (as you're about to see.)  But, I wasn't going anywhere and I don't like using heat on my hair to be just sitting around the house.  So, sorry about that!  Thanks again for watching and until next time...

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