Essie "Dress To Kilt" Fall 2014 Collection

Hey guys!  Today I wanted to come on here and mention a nail polish collection that I am totally LOVING!  If you couldn't already tell, it's Essie's 2014 fall collection.  If you love nail polish then you are probably already aware of just how great Essie polishes are, and this collection is no exception.  All of the polishes are creamy and opaque, most of them you can get away with just one coat even.  There are 6 colors total, I actually just bought the cube that contains 4 of them (Dress To Kilt, Style Cartel, Take It Outside, and Partner In Crime).

If you didn't know, dark blue and navy polishes are the color for Fall 2014.  Style Cartel is on point, although it does border on being so dark it can look black in some lighting.  I currently have this on my toes (pic below) and I totally love it.  Over the past few years I have REALLY turned into a blue-polish-loving kinda woman.

Dress To Kilt is the PERFECT Fall red.  It's not a bright summery red and it's not a super dark vampy hue either, it really is a Fall red.  So creamy and easy to apply!

Partner In Crime is a true chocolate brown.  While this shade might not be everyone's cup of tea, I happen to adore this color in the cooler months.  It's deep and dark but not as stark as a black.  I definitely recommend using just one coat to keep it from getting too dark and looking black in some lighting.

Take It Outside is just a great taupe grey, creamy and opaque, and it looks so good paired with any of these other polishes.  Ugh, can't get enough.

On my fingers:  Take It Outside

On my toes:  Style Cartel
(the polish photographed a little dark in this pic, in person it is dark but you can definitely tell it's blue)
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Las Vegas: Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars!

Hey guys!  This last trip to Vegas was such a blast!  We watched a lot of really good shows, ate a bunch of really delicious food, and got to spend some time with friends while we were in town as well.  Our trip started out with us flying out of Kentucky and connecting in Dallas.

It was a long day of travel so I passed the time reading on my iPad while David did what he does best...

...he snoozed the whole time.

When we got to the hotel he was still wanting to sleep, but there was no time for that.  It was time to get our grub on and then get to Caesar's to see Shania again!

Dinner at Nobu!

We noshed on Yellowtail, soft shell crab, lobster, banana spring rolls, etc.  It was yummy to say the very least.

I was fortunate enough to see and meet Shania last year at Caesar's as well, but this was David's first time seeing her.  She puts on such a great show and I couldn't wait to see her again!

Waiting for the show to start!  2nd row seats again!

The last pic I was able to snap before Shania came up to me and we sang together!  We put our faces together and sang "Honey I'm Home", then we hugged, then I looked at my phone and realized I didn't record a single second of it.  Oh well, I have the memories and that is enough for me!  Go see her while you have a chance, her time at Caesar's is almost up!

Up and refreshed for our 2nd day in Vegas!  On this day I went and seen one of my favorites - Britney at Planet Hollywood.  I had seen Britney a few years before in Vegas @ the MGM Grand Garden Arena during her Circus tour.  I was lucky enough at that time to go backstage and tour her dressing room, had dinner with all the dancers in the show and all that jazz, as I paid a bloody fortune for VIP tickets.  This time I had just a simple general admission ticket, and once again I was right up at the stage.  No backstage tour, but this was just as nice.  I've always been a Britney fan and seeing her again was just great!

It never fails, every single time I see Britney I'm always like....

Post-show refueling at Sushi Samba!  Salt and pepper squid, rock shrimp tempura, lobster, eel, and more!

On Friday morning we were fueling up for a night of Bruno Mars!  (A trip to Vegas is never complete without a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity!)

David @ The Chelsea (inside The Cosmopolitan) waiting for the show to start!

Peopleeeeee - if you ever get a chance to see Bruno Mars in concert, YOU HAVE TO DO IT!  He is such a good performer!  He sounds outstanding in person and he can dance like nobody's business.  The Chelsea is such a great place to get down, the floor bounces - literally.  When the music really got booming and the crowd got moving I kept thinking at any moment we were going to end up on a craps table downstairs, lol.  The crowd was alive and the music was phenomenal.  LOVE <333

After so many days of music and fun, on the 5th day I was up and ready to make my journey back to Kentucky.  It was an excellent trip, Vegas.  But, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!  Thanks for stopping by guys!!!!
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Las Vegas Haul: Sephora, Lush, Forever 21, Macaroons and more!

Hey guys!  I picked up a few new things while I was gone to Vegas and thought I would share them with you!  I didn't go overboard, just a few things here and there.  Let's get started with Sephora <3

I actually forgot to bring a self tanner with me, so I picked up a bottle of St. Tropez, along with a tanning mitt.

Beautiful peachy pink lipstick!

This lip balm feels SO good on your lips.  I have used this nonstop since picking it up!  The packaging is adorable and the product itself smells great and feels just as nice.

I don't ever travel with my Clarisonic, so after 3 or 4 days or so I feel like my skin just reallyyyyyyy needs a good scrubbing.  I keep various facial masks in my travel toiletry bag, but these were so cheap I thought I'd give them a try.

If you battle any sparseness in your brows or have areas where hair just doesn't grow, this product will be your new best friend.  Gives you A+ brows with absolute perfection.  LOVEEEE.

My brows after using the Dipbrow Pomade <3

Whenever I became a VIB Rouge member I never had received my Bite Beauty VIB Rouge lipstick, so they sent me home with that as well!  That's all I picked up from Sephora actually.  I went in thinking I was going to nab all the new LE palettes that have been coming out for the holidays, but I left without a single one.  While they were all beautiful and something I would like to have, none of them were something I felt I just HAD to have, so I decided to pass on them.  Let me know if any of you have purchased any of these things and what you think.

Next joint I frequently haunt in Vegas, Lush!

Always trying to perfect my travel toiletry bag and packing techniques, I decided to go ahead and pick up one of their solid shampoos with the tin container.  They have numerous kinds of solid shampoos - one for a healthy scalp, a volumizing one, one for shine, etc.  You're basically supposed to wet your hair and the shampoo, then rub the shampoo at least 3 times down the length of your hair - scalp to ends.  Then lather and wash like usual.

I picked up the solid shampoo in Godiva, which is a 2-in-1 jasmine shampoo with nut oils and shea butter to give you glossy, shiny, softened tresses (or so it claims).  If you haven't ever seen these, Lush's solid shampoos work like a bar of soap for your hair.  Simply lather it up and wash your hair like normal.  You get like 50 or 75 washes out of these (or something crazy high in that range) for a pretty decent price.  I love how compact it is and airplane friendly, etc.   Can't wait to try it!

Mint Juleps, $9.95
This has to be one of the most popular items at Lush, how could I possibly not pick one of these up?  It's their DELICIOUS lip scrub that you rub on and lick off.  Feels great, tastes great, should be one of the first things you buy from Lush if you haven't already.

This smells SO darn good words can't even begin to describe!  It's Lush's signature Snow Fairy scent, so if you are familiar with that then you know how this smells.  Love these guys - just drop them in your bathtub and you have an immediate spa-like experience right in your own home.  

SEX BOMB bath bomb, $6.65
This is my favorite scent of all their bath bombs.  Jasmine, Soya Milk, Clary Sage, Ylang ylang all designed to stimulate your senses and leave your skin like silk.

I don't live near a Lush store, and even if I did, I'm not a billionaire. The bath bombs are costly if you use one per bath (as they advise).  $6 or $7 per bath?  No way!  I take a hammer to mine and break them up into pieces, as they are really big and you can actually use them in more than one bath. Just toss in a few pieces, as much as you like, and it ends up being a lot more cost effective :)

I ALWAYSSSSS go to the ginormous Forever 21 store at the Fashion Show Mall.  This time I went with one item in mind to try to pick up, these great real leather booties that had been on their website for like a minute before they sold out.  (At the time of writing this blogpost they were back on the F21 site in the Sale section.  You can find them here).  And guess what.....not only did I find them, these puppies were on clearance!  

I was able to snag these for $21!  I always worry about boots and booties fitting properly where I have sky-high arches, these fit perfectly!

Even though it's Fall it's still hot in the desert, so I picked up this cobalt blue flowy top  in the clearance section.  I wore this while in Vegas and it was great - really loose and thin, I was so comfortable in this as I could barely even feel it on.  

And the last thing I picked up from F21was a pair of basic black leggings.  I actually had forgotten to pack any, lol.  These were in the clearance section for around $5 and they worked just fine.  I actually paired them with my flowy cobalt top and leather booties and it altogether made for a really comfortable outfit.

The only thing I purchased from H&M was this pack of rings.  I like to mix-match white and yellow gold jewelry (this is not actually gold, I realize it's costume jewelry.  But I wanted a ring like this to wear on my right hand, and this guy works perfectly!)

You can wear it this way....

...or you can turn it around and wear it this way. Super cheap and cute, and even if it doesn't last that long I've got 3 of them so they should last me quite a while. 

Even though this is food, I just had to mention this in my haul!  The only 2 hotels we have stayed in when we have visited Vegas in the most recent years have been either Wynn/Encore or the Venetian.  I have been familiar with the Bouchon Bakery for quite some time now.  They are located right outside of the casino at the Venetian, next to the Apothecary.   They have delicious food, but my favorite thing there HAS to be the macaroons.  Ohhhhhh myyyyy....

If you are ever in Vegas just take my advice and go and pick you up some of these.  (You can thank me later).  Big, buttery sweet, super fresh macaroons that melt in your mouth.  My favorite flavors are vanilla and pistachio.  (The one wrapped in brown tissue is a chocolate covered salted caramel one that I picked up for David).  SO YUMMY!

And then other than some concert t's and memorabilia and some other souvenirs and odds and ends, that's pretty much it!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by today!  Hope you enjoyed and have a great week everybody!  Muuuaaahhhh!
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